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Health and Fitness Program

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Our goal is to promote a Healthier Community by improving the activity and mobility in children.  Since 2009, over 2,300 pair of new shoes have been purchased and presented to Elementary-aged children.  Physical inactivity of children has shown to be a serious cause of obesity.   H.E.A.R.T. has partnered with local elementary schools to provide athletic foot ware for the 83.6% of children who face economic exclusion, homelessness, lack of access to play areas, mental and physical disability, as well as, lack of parental involvement.  

For some children in our area, an adequate pair of shoes determines whether they participate in physical education, after-school athletic programs or become the victim of mocking episodes.  Physical Education and athletic programs such as basketball, football, soccer, tennis and cheer-leading help promote leadership, discipline, good citizenship, and good sportsmanship.  Sports are used as a platform to transmit a message to fight obesity.

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