Mentor Program

H.E.A.R.T. Organization, Inc. utilizes mentoring as a tool to deter gang participation, violence, juvenile delinquency, and reduce behavioral problems in the community. We introduce our mentees to events that are nurturing to help them reach their full potential.  They are given the opportunity to learn in their skills and receive encouragement for their efforts and successes.  Some of the valuable skills include:  Decision-making, Problem-solving, Organizing/ Planning, Integrity, Working Well with Others, and Public Speaking.   This type training fosters self-motivation, self-empowerment, and academic excellence.

We recognize that children are the proprietors of our great nation and community.  Our Goal is to improve school attendance and influence high self-esteem through education.  As a linking organization, we host Youth Summits, Workshops and Leadership Seminars that teach:  Peer Pressure, Communication, Trust, Character-building, Time Management, Money Matters, Self-discipline, and Respect.