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Girls Mentoring Program

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H.E.A.R.T. Organization, Inc. utilizes mentoring to integrate and cultivate integrity, self-worth, honesty, decision-making, friendship power, and responsibility. By providing girls a safe environment to share their ideas and opinions, it strengthens their confidence and self-esteem and encourages them to express themselves more fully and critically think through their behavior and choices. Girls are figuring out who they are and learning more about their own values, interests, and talents.  The more opportunities girls have to really find their own inner strength and balance it with external strength, they can then go out and are advocates for themselves and others.  Together, in this safe environment, the girls discuss their dreams, challenges, goals and obstacles and soothe their minds. 

We recognize that children are the proprietors of our great nation and community.  Our Goal is to improve school attendance and influence high self-esteem through education.  As a linking organization, we host Youth Summits, Workshops and Leadership Seminars that teach:  Peer Pressure, Communication, Trust, Character-building, Time Management, Money Matters, Self-discipline, and Respect.

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