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Mentoring 7-Week Schedule

WEEK 1 ~ Tuesday, June 14 & Thursday, June 16
Registration, Welcome & Introductions: 
Share BGLEE goals/objectives and an in-depth training on the Affirmative Statement.
Girls will participate in Juneteenth Trivia Game Activity and receive awards.

WEEK 2 ~ Tuesday, June 21 & Thursday, June 23
Self Esteem/Confidence
Renaye Lewis ~ Coordinator 
Content will integrate and cultivate: Authentic Me, Body Image & Changes, Positive Self-Talk, Valuing Yourself and Others

WEEK 3 ~ Tuesday, June 28 & Thursday, June 30
Communication and Cultural Awareness
Deborah Crenshaw ~ Coordinator
Content will integrate and cultivate: Effective Communication (Oral and Written), Social Skills, Respect, Learnings from different cultures, and Cultural Dance Demonstration

WEEK 4 ~ Tuesday, July 5 & Thursday, July 7
Path to Success
Anne “AJ” Johnson ~ Coordinator
Content will integrate and cultivate:  Importance of Education, Goal-setting, Accountability, Time Management, Peer Pressure


WEEK 5 ~ Tuesday, July 12 & Thursday, July 14
Hattie Mosely ~ Coordinator
Content will integrate and cultivate:  Public speaking, effective communication, problem-solving, networking, goalsetting/planning

WEEK 6 ~ Tuesday, July 19 & Thursday, July 21
Money Matters & Entrepreneurship
Anne “AJ” Johnson ~ Coordinator
Content will integrate and cultivate:
Money Habits, Discipline, Financial Goal-setting,  
Entrepreneurial Segment (Girls Becoming Entrepreneurs)

WEEK 7 ~ Tuesday, July 26 & Thursday, July 28 

~ B.G.L.E.E. Affirmative Statement ~
We are Black Girls Learning, Emerging and Excelling. B.G.L.E.E. endeavors to unlock our unique potential, allowing us to become

Anne “AJ” Johnson
“Live so that when your children think of fairness, caring, and integrity, they think of you.”

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